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Hong Kong Festival & Holidays List - Year of Monkey 2004 

Date Month Year Day

Name of Festival & Holidays

Public Holidays

1st January 2004 Thursday Western New Year Yes
21st January 2004 Wednesday Chinese New Year Eve -
22nd - 25th January 2004 Thu - Sun Chinese New Year Yes
05th February 2004 Thursday Lantern Festival (Chinese Valentine's Day) -
14th February 2004 Saturday Valentine's Day -
01st April 2004 Thursday Fool's Day -
04th April 2004 Sunday Hong Kong Children's Day & Ching Ming Festival -
05th April 2004 Monday the following day of Ching Ming (Tomb-sweeping) Festival  Yes
09th - 12th April 2004 Fri - Mon Easter Holidays Yes
01st May 2004 Saturday International Labour Day Yes
09th May 2004 Sunday Mother's Day -
13th May 2004 Thursday Buddha's Birthday Yes
23rd May 2004 Sunday Dragon (Tuen-ng) Festival -
24th May 2004 Monday the following day of the Dragon Festival Yes
01st June 2004 Tuesday International Children's Day -
20th June 2004 Sunday Father's Day -
01st July 2004 Thursday Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day Yes
29th August 2004 Sunday Chinese Ghost's Day (Halloween) -
28th September 2004 Tuesday Mid-Autumn Festival -
29th September 2004 Wednesday the following day of the Mid-Autumn Festival Yes
01st October 2004 Friday China National Day Yes
22nd October 2004 Friday Double Nine (Chung-yeung) Festival Yes
31st October 2004 Sunday Halloween (Ghost's Day) -
24th December 2004 Friday Christmas Eve -
25th December 2004 Saturday Christmas Day Yes
26th December 2004 Sunday Boxing Day  Yes
27th December 2004 Monday Christmas Holiday @
31st December 2004 Friday Western New Year Eve -

" Yes " - Hong Kong Public Holidays : 

- All government offices are closed in all public holidays, Saturday & Sunday. e.g. court & post office ...  
- Some private companies are closed in all public holidays, Saturday & Sunday. e.g. all banks, some travel agents, 
  trading firms & factories ...
- All government offices & most of private companies are closed in Chinese New Year Period. e.g. court, post office,
  banks, travel agents, trading firms, factories, department stores, restaurants, fast food shops, law firms, I.T. firms, 
  fashion shops, gold & jewellery shops, local market & property agents ....


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