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Brunei Visa Information



Visa is required, except for :
1. Nationals of Brunei ;
2. Nationals of Malaysia and Singapore for a social visit of max. 30days
3. For tourist stay of :
a. 30 days : holders of British passports endorsed "British Citizen" or "holder has the  the  right 
of abode in the United Kingdom";
b. 14 days : nationals of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan,
Korea South, Luxembourg, Maldives, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Sweden, 
Switzerland and Thailand, arriving by air at the int'l airport of Bandar Seri Begawan;
c. 72 hours ; Hong Kong SAR passport & Hong Kong BNO passport holders.
For a. - c. provided holding : 
-  confirmed tickets and valid documents for the return /onward journey; and 
-  sufficient funds for the stay in Brunei.
4. Holders of diplomatic passports who are accredited to Brunei, their spouse and 
dependents. The visa exemption is not applicable to nationals of South Africa, holders of 
Taiwan (Rep. of  China) passports.
5. Those holding a re-entry permit with an employment pass;
II. Transit without Visa :
Those continuing their journey to a third country by same or first connecting aircraft
without leaving the airport during the transit stop. The visa exemption is not applicable to
holders of Taiwan (Rep. of China) passports, nationals of Israel and those in note who need 
a visa at all times.
Health :
Required-except for transit passengers not leaving the airport-vaccination against ;
Yellow fever, if arriving within 6 days after leaving or transiting infected areas
IV. Visa application for Hong Kong Certificate Identity (HKCI)
1. travel document with 6 months validity at least;
2. application form with personal information;
3. 3 piece photos within 3 months;
4. Hong Kong Identity Card copy;
5. 3 working days.
6. visa application place : Visa Section, General Consulates of British, Hong Kong.
Address : 3/F 1 Supreme Court Road, Queensway, Hong Kong, China.
Telephone : 2901-3111

All visa information is subject to change without prior notice.